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Zen Containers | 650

Product Description:

The Zen Containers | 650 offer a perfect solution for all your storage needs. This food container box are designed with meticulous attention to detail and are packed with features to make your organization and storage tasks a breeze. With precise dimensions, sturdy construction, and a generous quantity per box, they are the ideal choice for various applications.

Key Features:

Precise Dimensions: Zen Plastic Containers | 650 come in two main dimensions - the top measures 170mm x 117mm, while the bottom measures 142mm x 90mm. This thoughtful design ensures that the containers are spacious and versatile for a variety of items.

Optimal Height: With a height of 50mm, these containers strike the perfect balance between being compact and offering ample storage space. This makes them suitable for organizing small items and more.

Box Size: Each box of Zen Containers | 650 measures 365mm x 350mm x 370mm, ensuring that they are easy to stack and store. The boxes are designed for efficient storage when not in use.

CBM Efficiency: Zen Containers | 650 are not just about size but also efficiency. With a Cubic Meter (CBM) per box of 0.047, you can maximize your storage space without wasting valuable room.

Lightweight: Despite their sturdiness, these containers are remarkably lightweight, with each set weighing just 25.00 grams. This lightweight design ensures that you can easily handle and transport them as needed.

Zen Containers | 650 are versatile, practical, and an ideal choice for various storage and organization needs.