Ace Packaging

Round Containers | 250ml

Product Description:

Ace Packaging's Round Plastic Food Container, with a generous 250-ml capacity, are designed to meet your food packaging needs with precision and reliability. These containers are engineered with the utmost care to ensure that your products remain fresh and secure. Whether you're packaging soups, sauces, salads, or any other culinary delight, these round containers are up to the task.

Key Features:

These containers are thoughtfully designed with precise dimensions to provide ample space for your culinary creations while ensuring easy storage and stacking.

Box Packaging:

Each box contains 2,000 pieces of these 250-ml round containers, making them an efficient and cost-effective choice for your packaging needs.
High-Quality Material:

Crafted from food-grade materials, these containers are safe for storing a wide range of food items. They are sturdy and durable, offering excellent protection for your products during transit and storage.
Secure Seal:

The containers come with a secure sealing mechanism to prevent any leaks or spills, ensuring that your products stay fresh and intact.

Versatile Use:

These round plastic food containers are suitable for a variety of food products, including hot and cold items. They are microwave-safe and freezer-friendly, providing flexibility in food preparation and storage.

Ace Packaging's 250ml Round Containers are a reliable choice for your food packaging needs. Their superior quality, precise dimensions, and efficient packaging options make them an excellent solution for your business. Whether you're serving up hot soups or fresh salads, these containers are designed to meet your requirements and delight your customers.