Ace Packaging

Round Containers | 300 ml


The round plastic food container is our premium product for food packaging. It is precise, reliable, and well-made. It has these features:


Key Features:

- The food packing container, featuring a top diameter of 120mm, ensures ample room for your culinary creations.
- Its solid base, with a diameter of 100mm, provides stability and support. With a height of 44mm, this container offers a generous volume while maintaining an efficient use of space.


Packaging Convenience:

Our “Round Containers | 300 ml” represent the pinnacle of packaging innovation, brought to you by leading food container manufacturers. These containers are not just receptacles; they are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every aspect of their design. As thinwall food containers, they offer a remarkable balance between lightweight ease and resilient protection, ensuring that your culinary creations are preserved in their best form.

The food container box style is thoughtfully conceived to cater to the dynamic needs of modern consumers who value both practicality and aesthetic appeal. The sleek design makes it a breeze to pack, stack, and transport, providing unparalleled convenience for users. Whether it’s a quick lunch on the move or a sumptuous meal at home, our containers adapt to every scenario with grace.

Moreover, these containers are a symbol of sustainability and responsibility. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, they align with the growing global demand for green products. By choosing our “Round Containers | 300 ml,” you’re not only opting for superior packaging convenience but also contributing to a healthier planet.