Ace Packaging

Round Containers | 1000ml

Product Description:

Ace Packaging presents the ultimate solution for your food storage needs – the "Round Containers | 1000ml". Designed for both the retail and food service industries, these containers are the epitome of quality and convenience. Whether you're packaging a hearty stew for takeout or stocking up on pantry essentials, our round plastic food containers ensure your contents stay fresh and secure. 


Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from high-grade materials, our containers resist cracking and warping, ensuring your food remains safe and intact. 
  • Secure Seal: The precision-fit lid forms an airtight seal, locking in freshness and preventing leaks, making it an ideal food container box. 
  • Sturdy Bottom: Engineered for stability, the robust base prevents tipping and spilling, perfect for on-the-go meals.
  • Versatile Use: From refrigerator storage to microwave heating, our containers adapt to all your needs, surpassing the utility of rectangle plastic boxes. 


Packaging Convenience:

Our hinged plastic sauce containers feature a user-friendly design that makes opening and closing a breeze, while the stackable shape maximizes shelf space. As leading food packaging containers manufacturers, we understand the importance of efficiency in both packing and unpacking, ensuring that our containers cater to the dynamic demands of the food industry.