Ace Packaging

RO-Series Container | AP-RO-40


Introducing the RO-Series Container | AP-RO-40 by Ace Packaging – the ultimate solution for all your food storage needs. This round plastic food container is designed with convenience and quality in mind, making it a must-have for both personal and professional use. As one of the leading plastic food containers manufacturers, Ace Packaging ensures that each hinged plastic container delivers unmatched durability and performance.


Key Features

  1. Premium Quality: Crafted from high-grade materials, the RO-Series Container guarantees long-lasting durability and reliability, making it a preferred choice among plastic food containers manufacturers.
  2. Secure Seal: The innovative hinged plastic design ensures a tight, leak-proof seal, keeping your food fresh and secure during storage and transport.
  3. Sturdy Bottom: The AP-RO-40 boasts a robust and sturdy bottom, providing excellent stability and preventing any unwanted spills or tipping.
  4. Versatile Use: Ideal for a variety of applications, this round plastic food container is perfect for storing leftovers, meal prep, or even packaging food for takeout and delivery services.


Packaging Convenience

Designed for ease of use, the RO-Series Container features a hinged lid that simplifies the process of opening and closing. This practical design not only saves time but also ensures that the container remains sealed until you are ready to access your food. Whether you are a busy professional, a home cook, or run a food service business, our plastic food container offers the perfect blend of convenience and quality. 
Choose Ace Packaging's RO-Series Container | AP-RO-40 for a reliable, high-quality solution to all your food storage needs.