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Natraj Containers | 500g

Product Description:

The Natraj Round Plastic Food Container 500g are an excellent packaging solution designed to meet your needs for storing and transporting various products. With precise dimensions and a generous capacity of 500 grams, these containers are perfect for a wide range of applications..

Key Features:

Optimal Size: The container boasts a top diameter of 110mm and a bottom diameter of 91mm, providing ample space for your products while ensuring stability.

Secure Closure: These containers come with a secure and tight-fitting lid, ensuring that your contents are protected from external elements such as moisture, dust, and contaminants.

Durable Material: Natraj Containers are made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe for storing food items. They are also sturdy and impact-resistant, ensuring that your products remain intact during storage and transit.

Versatile Use: Whether you're packaging dry goods, snacks, confectionery, spices, or any other small to medium-sized products, these containers are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of items.

Bulk Packaging: The Natraj Containers are conveniently packaged in sets of 1500 pieces per box, making it easy to order in bulk and ensuring that you have a consistent supply for your business needs.

Labeling and Branding: The smooth surface of these containers allows for easy labeling or branding, allowing you to customize them with your logo, product information, or any other necessary labeling.

Cost-Effective: These containers offer excellent value for your money, thanks to their durability and the large quantity per box, reducing packaging costs per unit.

Whether you're a food manufacturer, retailer, or require storage solutions for various products, Natraj Containers 500g are a reliable choice. Their sturdy construction, generous capacity, and secure closure make them an ideal choice for your packaging needs. Order in bulk and enhance your product packaging and presentation with these versatile containers.