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Natraj Containers | 500g

Product Description

Natraj Containers | 500g is a premium quality round plastic food container designed for the modern kitchen. Made from high-grade, food-safe plastic, this container offers a perfect blend of durability and elegance. The hinged plastic design ensures that the contents are secure and fresh, making it an ideal choice for storing a variety of food items.

Key Features:

Hinged Plastic Lid: The robust hinged lid provides a tight seal, preventing spills and maintaining the freshness of food.

Thinwall Design: Lightweight yet sturdy, the thinwall construction makes it easy to handle and saves space in your kitchen.

Food Grade Material: Manufactured by leading food grade plastic containers manufacturers, ensuring safety and quality.

Microwave Safe: Suitable for reheating food, providing convenience and versatility.

Freezer Friendly: Capable of withstanding low temperatures, perfect for freezer storage.

Packaging Convenience

Natraj Containers | 500g comes with a user-friendly design that emphasizes ease of use and storage efficiency. The hinged plastic food containers allow for quick packing and unpacking, while the stackable nature facilitates neat organization in any setting, from home kitchens to professional catering services.